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The top Yacht Rental in La Paz Mx to Balandra Beach and Isla Espiritu Santos recognized by San Diego Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
Yesterday,Lester Keizer, CEO of Lover Lips Yachts  was privileged and honored to be invited to a gala event by Ricardo Villa, President of The San Diego County Imperial Valley Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, (SDCHCC).
His mission was to promote La Paz as a tourist destination and showcase the many attractions and tours in the amazing Port of Illusion!
In attendance were the prominent business leaders of both San Diego and Tijuana.
It was an exciting night for Lover Lips Yachts as I got to meet and present to the executive board of SDCHCC, California Hispanic Chambers of Commerce, Filipino-American Chamber of Commerce and many other tourism groups and businesses in San Diego.
A highlight of the event was also meeting Elizabeth Martinez, an executive with Volaris Airlines. Volaris is focused on La Paz as it seeks to expend its service to La Paz.
This will be of a great value to the citizens of La Paz and the many local businesses.
The main topic on my agenda was showcasing the beauty and culture of La Paz to the many Hispanics in California who have never been to our city. There is a growing trend in the Mexican American community to revisit their roots and travel to Mexico.
Relationships like this will further enhance our respect for each other, learn more of our cultural roots and provide for growth to the local tourism business.
It also helped to have our logo showcased from the front on large screens!
The yearly Gala event was held at The US Grant Hotel in San Diego, CA.
So, you may ask, how did this happen?
Two weeks ago, one of the members of the San Diego County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Joe Caudillio, took a cruise on our Luxury Yacht with his family. He was so impressed with the beauty of our beaches, islands, and incredible friendly people of La Paz.
It also helped that he received first class service on Lover Lips Yachts from the local Captain and Crew!
This set the stage for him arranging the meeting with San Diego Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.
The rest as they say is history!
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