Queen Elizabeht’sLuxury Yacht in La Paz

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What do Lover Lips Yachts, La Paz and Queen Elizabeth II have in common?
On February 23, 1983, Queen Elizabeth’s Royal Luxury Yacht Britannia, 412 feet of elegance steamed into the scenic bay of La Paz, Mexico.
An interesting fact of Queen Elizabeth II and La Paz, Mx.
Billed as a “mostly personal” visit.
Her Majesty came to express her thanks to the people of La Paz.
Thanks  for the largest piece of jewelry on her coronation crown.
Among the large collection of jewels and jewelry on the crown of Saint Edward is a pearl. It is about the size of a lemon.
This huge pearl was harvested near Isla Espiritu Santo in La Paz.
It was gifted by Antonio Ruffo Santa Cruz to King Edward VII to wear on his crown.
This crown is the main headdress of the coronation of the kings of England.
It is used to enthrone the monarchs.Queen 
Elizabeth II is one of the most important and popular characters of the entire 20th and 21st centuries. 
Likewise, she is one of the richest people on the European continent. 
Although she has a large collection of jewels and jewelry, there is one that stands out above the others.
It is the crown of Saint Edward, which is the main headdress of the coronation of the kings of England and is used by the Archbishop of Canterbury – leader of the Anglican church, to enthrone the monarchs.
Today, The Pearl of La Paz retains a prominent place in the coronation crown. (which will be worn soon by King Charles III)
Local La Paz owner, Fabiola Martinez, employees and staff of Lover Lips Yachts, wish to extend their deepest condolences to the Royal Family of The United Kingdom and its wonderful citizens in this time of public mourning
On Lover Lip’s  next cruise past the spot where the Great Pearl was found, we will stop our yacht and pause for a moment of silence to honor this great lady.
RIP Queen Elizabeth II
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