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Lover Lips Yachts Redefines Luxury with New Whale Shark Experience in La Paz

Embark on an Unforgettable Journey with the Most Affordable Luxury Yacht, Featuring 5-Star Reviews

La Paz, January 21,2024 – Lover Lips Yachts, the beacon of affordable luxury on the seas, is thrilled to announce a groundbreaking addition to its services – the opportunity to swim with whale sharks in the morning. Followed by a leisurely retreat on the world-renowned Balandra Beach in the afternoon. With the most 5-star reviews in La Paz, Lover Lips Yachts takes seafaring to new heights with a certified boat, captain, and a marine biologist guide to enhance the whale shark experience.

The ocean’s largest inhabitant, the majestic whale shark, may be an awe-inspiring giant at up to 41 feet and a whopping 47,000 pounds, but don’t let its size fool you – it’s a friendly and peaceful creature. With skin as thick as the tales that surround it and adorned with a canvas of unique birthmarks, the whale shark is not just an oceanic giant; it’s a symbol of beauty and grace.

Found gracefully gliding through the open waters of tropical oceans, these gentle giants have a diet that consists almost exclusively of plankton, making them completely harmless to humans. As the largest fish in the world, the whale shark offers a mesmerizing spectacle beneath the ocean’s surface.

The Beauty of Whale Sharks Unveiled:

Imagine diving into the crystal-clear waters off the coast of La Paz, surrounded by the largest fish in the world – the whale shark. Lover Lips Yachts, the pioneers of affordable luxury yacht experiences, now invite you to embark on a unique adventure – swimming with these gentle oceanic giants.

An Oceanic Encounter Like Never Before:

The whale shark’s peaceful nature and stunning appearance make this encounter a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Immerse yourself in the magic of the ocean as you swim alongside these gentle giants, witnessing firsthand their beauty and grace.


Fabiola Martinez Alonso, Owner of Lover Lips Yachts: “As a Mexican woman entrepreneur, I am proud to unveil this exciting chapter in Lover Lips Yachts’ journey. Our commitment to affordability and excellence now extends to a thrilling encounter with whale sharks. We believe that every sea lover should have the chance to experience the magic of the ocean, and with our certified boat, captain, and marine biologist guide, we ensure a safe, exciting and enriching adventure.”

Lester Keizer, Co-owner of Lover Lips Yachts: “At Lover Lips Yachts, our goal has always been to redefine luxury by making it accessible to all. The addition of swimming with whale sharks is a testament to our commitment to providing unique and unforgettable experiences. We’ve taken extra measures to ensure the safety and education of our guests, with a certified boat, captain, and a marine biologist guide accompanying them on this incredible journey.”

Why Choose Lover Lips Yachts?

  1. Affordability: Lover Lips Yachts continues to be the most affordable luxury yacht experience in La Paz.
  2. 5-Star Reviews: Join the ranks of satisfied customers who have experienced the unparalleled service of Lover Lips Yachts.
  3. New Whale Shark Experience: Dive into adventure with our certified boat, captain, and marine biologist guide for a safe and educational encounter with whale sharks.
  4. Balandra Beach Retreat: Unwind on the pristine shores of Balandra Beach, hailed as the most beautiful beach in the world, after your morning adventure.

Book Your Whale Shark Yacht Experience Today!

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Visit Lover Lips Yachts online at or call/text 702-204-8894 to book your extraordinary yacht experience with the new whale shark encounter.

About Lover Lips Yachts: Lover Lips Yachts, founded by Mexican woman entrepreneur Fabiola Martinez Alonso and co-owned by Lester Keizer, is La Paz’s go-to luxury yacht service. With a commitment to accessibility, excellence, and unique experiences, Lover Lips Yachts continues to set the standard for affordable luxury on the high seas.

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