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🛥️ Local La Paz Restored Yacht, New School Yacht, Under Exclusive Management by Lover Lips Yachts Earns Coveted Mention in Vogue Magazine Article! 🛥️

🌟✨ Exciting News Alert! ✨🌟

La Paz, Mexico – January 23, 2024

We are delighted to announce that Lover Lips Yachts, the epitome of Yacht Charters in La Paz, has achieved a remarkable milestone with its exclusive management of the New School Yacht, featured recently in a distinguished Vogue article authored by renowned journalist Michaela Trimble.


🌐 Michaela Trimble, recognized for her contributions to prestigious publications like The New York Times Style Magazine, Condé Nast Traveler, Traveler + Leisure, and National Geographic, recently embarked on a luxurious voyage aboard the iconic 57-foot Chris Craft yacht, New School. This timeless masterpiece, meticulously restored in La Paz, Mexico, has garnered attention for its opulence and unique charm. 🚢💎

In Trimble’s own words, “On my last day, I’m chauffeured about 90 minutes northeast to downtown La Paz to catch my ride: a 57-foot Chris Craft yacht first built in the 1960s and lovingly restored by New School Yachts.” 🌅

✨ The vessel, once favored by stars like Elvis, Katherine Hepburn, and Frank Sinatra, underwent a nearly $1 million renovation, showcasing a commitment to reimagining luxury beyond its original grandeur. The journey unfolded against the backdrop of Espiritu Santo island, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and national park, featuring white-sand beaches and volcanic rock formations. Trimble’s vivid descriptions paint a picture of crystal-clear turquoise waves, inviting readers to indulge in the allure of the crisp waters. 🏝️🌊

🌟 Fabiola Martinez Alonso, Owner and Founder of Lover Lips Yachts, a Mexican woman-owned company, expressed her excitement, stating, “We are beyond thrilled to see Lover Lips Yachts and our exclusive management of the New School Yacht featured in Vogue! It’s a testament to the dedication and passion we put into providing unparalleled yacht charters in La Paz. Additionally, the expertise of local craftsmen, who spent 7 years in restoring this timeless masterpiece is unparalleled . This recognition by Michaela Trimble is truly an honor, and we are excited to continue redefining luxury in the world of yachting.” 🌟

✨ Lester Keizer, Co-Owner of Lover Lips Yachts, added, “Being mentioned in a Vogue Magazine article is a milestone for Lover Lips Yachts. The restoration and reimagining of the iconic 57-foot Chris Craft yacht reflect our commitment to excellence. As a local company we are honored by the 5 Star service that   our all-Mexican Staff provides.  We extend our gratitude to Michaela Trimble for capturing the essence of our opulent journey in La Paz and showcasing it to the world. This recognition only motivates us to continue providing extraordinary yacht charters and will help provide new business to the other local yacht charter companies in La Paz.” ✨

💫 Lover Lips Yachts is immensely honored to be recognized by world-class journalist Michaela Trimble. The commitment to providing unparalleled Yacht Charters in La Paz and exclusive management of #newschoolyacht has garnered the attention of the elite. 💫

📖 Explore Michaela Trimble’s extensive portfolio to discover more captivating stories: [Michaela Trimble Portfolio](

Experience luxury redefined with Lover Lips Yachts – where every journey is a masterpiece in the making!

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