5 Great Reasons You Should Book A Luxury Yacht Charter In La Paz

Luxury Yacht Charter

Have you considered booking a luxury yacht charter to take advantage of your holiday? It’s a chance to create your own memories while on your vacation. Instead of seeing the same view every day from your home or hotel, you can pick an exciting new view whenever and wherever you’d like.


The Freedom

With a luxury yacht charter, you can experience the freedom of sailing, unlike anything you’ll have on any other trip. With the wind in your face, you’ll be able to map out your route and pick which destinations you’d like to visit, where you’d like to anchor and have a swim, and where you’d like to spend the night; the list goes on.

There’s a feeling of discovery, and the world is yours. As opposed to cruise ships, your time is your own. There’s no hurry, and you’re not in the grips of a particular itinerary – it’s your own boat… your schedule… the time of your holiday.


An Opportunity To Bond With Friends And Family

When on board and out on the sea with only a few family and friends away from the pressures of work and completely unaware of the world, it’s an unforgettable bonding experience. You’ll be able to spend time together and share memories that you can treasure for a lifetime.


The Option To Travel With An Experienced Captain

There’s no need to have previous experience to book a luxury yacht charter. Just know that our Captains have years of experience and all of them grew up here in La Paz. Since they were children, they spent their time on the Sea of Cortez. This is their backyard. No matter if you’re a new or an experienced skipper, it isn’t a factor. You can decide to travel without or with a skipper based on your skills, experience, and confidence level.


An Opportunity To Learn About The Sea of Cortez

The Sea of Cortez (also known as the Gulf of California) is everyone’s favorite sea. It’s young, having formed some five million years ago by tectonic plate action. Now it’s rich with marine life (there are about 900 fish species) and its sheltered, narrow outline means mostly calm waters, making it great for diving.

The sea is wedged between the Mexican mainland and the Baja California peninsula, which stretches out like a resting arm. (“It’s a very gracious shape,” one local tells me. “Some countries are just balls.”)

One notable Sea of Cortez fan was Ray Cannon, who retired young from working on Buster Keaton films to fish. “New words are needed to describe this strangest of all great bodies of water,” he says in The Sea of Cortez, published in 1966. “It’s truly a painted ocean.”


A Holiday That Will Give You A Different Perspective

The luxury yacht charter may allow you to acquire new memories. However, it also offers the chance to unwind and relax completely. This is a trip that’s beneficial for your mental health and well-being – a time to enjoy with no stress and also a chance to rejuvenate the body, mind, and soul.

It has been proved that cruising can increase confidence and self-esteem and reduce stress and tension. Additionally, being close to the sea can increase serotonin, dopamine, and oxytocin release. All of which are responsible for being calm and peaceful.

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