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Whether you’re cruising the coast or taking on offshore chop, the Bertram offers unparalleled comfort and versatility.
Featuring a lower helm and dual staterooms and heads, this Bertram lets you be a little bolder, motor a little further, and stand up to anything the sea can throw at you.
One of the nicest fishing and cruising boats in the Sea of Cortez.
Fishing around Isla Espiritu Santo at its best.
Cruising to Balnadra  beach and soaking the sun.
The Bertram 50 has been built with the serious angler and family-focused owner in mind.
That’s evident in the  cockpit with mezzanine seating.
Better for fighting fish.
And renderings hint at the modular nature of the components, which allow a tackle center to be swapped out for double mezzanine seats.
Better for cruising! That semi-custom mentality extends along the one-piece deck from bow to mezzanine—a layout dictated in part by customer feedback

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