Stunning Isla Espíritu Santo on Yacht Charters La Paz

Your only marker of time today is the sun above. The inspiring moments savored by the waves that wash the sands in white lace.

As the seabed swaps the salty brine for a sea breeze,  from the bow of Lover Lips Yachts La Paz, you see the most famous beach and island cruises in Mexico rise from the lacy waves. Ah, Balandra Beach!

 Wow, Isla Espiritu Santo!

To rest on this beach feels like a cozy hug.

Crystal-clear tranquil  turquoise waters and white sand dunes call out to you.

A remote, beautiful beach set to a desert backdrop of re-hued hills and prickly cardon cactus that dot Baja California.

The calm, shallow water of the lagoon are perfect for swimming,  and kayaking.

Bright colored fish dart through the roots of the mangrove forest.

Love Lips leaves you with the best memory yet, for there is nothing more beautiful and bountiful than the way the sea refuses to stop kissing the shoreline, no matter how many times it’s sent away.


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