Yacht Rentals La Paz-Meet the Lover Lips Yachts Founders


“Meet the Dream Team: Fabiola & Lester-The Passionate Pair Behind Lover Lips Yachts!” 🌅⚓


“In 2022, we founded Lover Lips Yachts with a vision: to offer an exclusive yacht charter experience that allows everyone to enjoy private luxury at an affordable price. Our mission is to deliver a purpose filled memorable vacation experiences with world-class service, excitement, and enjoyment, providing all the perks and more, typically found on mega yachts.”

For Lester and Fabiola, the journey to La Paz began with lifesaving miracles. In 2020, Lester faced open-heart surgery, liver cancer, end-stage liver disease, a liver transplant, and long-haul COVID. These challenges threatened his life numerous times, turning their lives into a nightmare for over two years. Fabiola left her glamorous career as a producer and director of Latino beauty pageants in Southern California to become a full-time caregiver for her husband, navigating a world of hospitals and ICU’s while experiencing the traumatic trials of nearly losing him four times.


After selling Business Continuity Technologies, one of the oldest technology companies in Las Vegas where Lester was CEO, the couple retired to the peaceful beach town of La Paz in Baja California Sur, Mexico. Following a painful recovery, Fabiola “fired” Lester from retirement and asked him to help her form a Mexican company to provide affordable yacht luxury charters. Lester, with his experience as a serial entrepreneur who started four successful companies, laid the groundwork for their venture. Grateful for all Fabiola had done to nurse him back to health, Lester poured his heart into helping her create a profitable and sustainable enterprise.  In just two short years they were able to double their business.

Meanwhile, Fabiola, a Mexican citizen with a background in production and direction, added elegance and excellence to their vision. This is evident in the most 5-star reviews of any yacht company in La Paz from Google, TripAdvisor, Facebook, and GetMyBoat! Born near La Paz, Fabiola leveraged her local connections to create an executive team second to none. In just a few short months, she secured all necessary permits, including the coveted Mexican license to operate a commercial yacht charter business—an incredible feat given that most yachts rented in La Paz lack this permit.


Nestled amidst the serene beauty of Balandra Beach—voted one of the top five beautiful beaches in the world—and Isla Espiritu Santo, a UNESCO biosphere reserve in the Sea of Cortez; “The Aquarium of the World,” Lover Lips Yachts isn’t just a business—it’s a love letter to La Paz. Our decision to make this coastal paradise our home base wasn’t merely practical; it embodies our philosophy that La Paz is for the people, and by the people. We hire local citizens, use local products, support local businesses, and give back to the community. Fabiola is extremely proud of her personal slogan: “A Mexican Woman-Owned Company Making Waves!”


Our memorable experiences speak volumes about Lover Lips Yachts’ commitment to creating magical moments. Here are some direct comments from clients in Mexico, the USA, South America, and Europe:

“What a Perfect day”-Scott Poorman

“Amazing Experience and Service”-Maria Melendrez

“What an Incredible Experience: -Marcos Cerda

“Very Clean and Well Maintained”- Darren Christison

“Highly Recommend Them.”-Jeff Sepesi

“Treated like Royalties”- Saul Barcelo

“Wow! What a Great Time”-Carol Renfro

“An Amazing Trip for 3 Nights”-Peter Graf

“What a Magical Day”-Rachel Wangen-Hoch


As the stunning sunset over La Paz Bay dips below the horizon, Fabiola and Lester gaze towards the future with unbridled expectations.

With plans to expand and develop more services, they are poised to share their love for La Paz, its beauty, and its people far and wide.

Lover Lips Yachts isn’t just a business; it’s a community-driven enterprise fueled by passion, creativity, and love for the local people and their sea.

Join them on their next adventure.

It’s time to experience and enjoy Lover Lips Yachts.

Sea you on board!


WHAT’S UP WITH THE NAME? – A Tribute to Founder/Owner Fabiola

Red Lips

My husband’s grandson David Leslie meets me for the first time.

He is only 4 and quite shy.

David glances at my face and turns away quickly.

Again he looks at me.

Checks me out closely.

Turns away again.

He is clearly fascinated by my bright red lipstick!

Once again, he throws a peek at me. Spontaneously he says, “Your name is lover lips!” To this day he still calls me, “Lover Lips.”

A trademark of many Mexican women is their bright red lipstick and their zest for life despite facing many obstacles along with their love for family.

In honor of David and every Mexican woman’s passion for the joy of  life, this company is christened LOVER LIPS YACHTS!


WHY PINK? – A  Liver Transplant Symbol of Co-Owner Lester

Opa Pink

The seriousness and stress in the transplant Operating Room is overwhelming.

With extreme skill my transplant surgeon connects the portal veins and hepatic arteries to an alien liver.


Blood flow is restored

More silence.

My new liver thinks for a moment.

It decides to make new bile.

Now the moment literally between life and death.

Over 22 medical eyes focused.

Staring intently at my exposed abdomen.

Waiting for the color of life.

My body decides not to reject the donated liver.

At that instant my new liver turns into the color of a “healthy” PINK.

It is then that applause breaks out!

Literally, they say, everyone claps in the operating room.

So now you know…why PINK?

PINK the color of my LIFE

That moment of pink—of life and vitality—symbolizes Lester’s survival and resilience.

Pink is the OFFICAL Color of Lover Lips Yachts.

(Our Crew’s Uniform are PINK)

Join us at Lover Lips Yachts, where every voyage is a celebration of life, love, and the pursuit of extraordinary experiences.


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