Why A Private Dream Yacht Charter Is the Perfect Luxury Travel Solution

The latest Coronavirus (COVID-19) is again making headlines worldwide, and fears about the possibility of contracting the disease have caused people to rethink their summer plans.

For individuals who rent superyachts, Covid-19 isn’t putting a damper on summer holidays; in fact, the amount of charter dream yachts booked is rising in specific regions.

If you’re considering taking the same route, there are some reasons to ditch hotels and cruises for a luxury dream yacht charter this summer.

  1. Only Limited Contact with Other People.

A dream yacht charter is your personal space. Because you share it with your crew and others in your charter group, your interaction with other people is small compared to other forms of vacations.

  1. Crowds of People Can Be Avoided. 

The benefit of a dream yacht charter is that it’s flexible. Your broker can tailor an itinerary free of crowded areas and tourist hotspots, reducing your risk of exposure to Covid-19.

From hidden beaches and secluded coves to unexplored islands and peaceful anchorages, numerous hidden places are off the beaten track.

A lot of them can only be reached via boat. So a boat is an ideal method of exploring all these locations.

  1. A Yacht Offers a Clean and Sterile Setting.

The yacht crew dedicates an enormous amount of time washing every day, ensuring a hygienic and clean space.

The new measures are in place to ensure that the yacht crew is becoming more vigilant about hygiene, so you know that you’re entering a space that meets the most stringent hygiene standards.

  1. Yacht Chefs – Better Than Any Restaurant.

The good thing about a dream yacht charter is that it allows you to not sit in a restaurant on the shore. Instead, you can eat every meal on your yacht.

The chefs on Lover Lips yachts are in a different league from the chefs on land. They’re highly educated and incredibly skilled with decades of experience as well as a love for diverse food styles.

  1. Yacht Facilities Offer Hours of Entertainment or Relaxation. 

Dream Charter Yachts offer a variety of amenities to use. Most of them have large alfresco areas to relax in the sun, large salons to enjoy film nights on the sea, and a play area to splash around in the water.

In addition, inflatable pools, rock climbing walls, and toys are guaranteed to please charter guests of all ages.

Explore The World From A Different Angle by Chartering a Yacht for This Summer.

If you’d like to inquire about a private yacht Charter in La Paz specific to your needs or to inquire about any other information about Yacht Tours at Balandra Beach, do not be afraid to reach us. We’re willing to address any concerns you might have.

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