Deposits: Reservations of our yachts require a minimum deposit
of $200 USD plus 16% Sales Tax or amount discussed between client and Love Lips
Yachts. In case of cancellation before seven (7 } days of the event, no refunds will be
made, it only can be rescheduled.

Refunds: refunds shall only be made as
follows: deposits for all trips are 100% refunded only if the port is closed or our vessel
has a mechanical mal function that Love Lips Yachts was not able to operate and perform
the charter. In the case of this rare occasion, we offer the client a full 100% refund or

Injuries and Unsatisfactory Service: Lover Lips Yachts, it’s agents, affiliates shall not be
liable financially or otherwise to any persons for: non-performance or unsatisfactory service; for
injury to persons, including death; for loss, delay or expenses arising from strikes, war, weather,
quarantine, sickness, government regulation or other causes: for loss of property or damage
thereto; or for any act or omission or default or non-performance of any of it’s employees,
agents, carriers, ground operators, or any other supplier of services.

This cruise which you are embarking involve travel to isolated sites, often far from
emergency and medical services. Travel such as this is with risk. You are required to be in
good physical and mental health and we strongly urge you to check with your physician and
insurance agent to guarantee that you are physically fit and adequately covered for any
emergencies and eventualities. Trip insurance, therefore is highly recommended to protect you
and your family, property and investment. Please take note
that if an accident occurs in certain locations, emergency services and medical care may
not be available or adequate. It is incumbent on each individual to determine his or her
ability to participate in this cruise.

Change of Itinerary: Lover Lips Yachts, it’s agents and affiliates, reserve the right to change
modify the itinerary including changes for reasons of comfort or safety. We will consult with
client about the change of itinerary or date of event.

No Shows: There will be no refund for no shows from a cruise, unless it is arranged for at the
time of booking. In the case of voluntary interruption of a trip by a
participant without cause, whether by means of failing to join a trip, or by leaving prior to
completion, no refunds will be made.

All included service means: fuel, crew, food, beverages and alcoholic drinks.

Food & Drinks for 4 Hour Charters: 7 Water Bottles. 7 Coca Cola Products, 7 bottles of beer, 1
bottle of wine (red or white), dinner menu to be provided.

Food & Drinks for 8 Hour Charters: 15 Water Bottles. 15 Coca Cola Products, 15 bottles of
beer, 1 bottle of tequila , dinner menu to be provided.

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