Founder & Owner

Her experience as a successful businesswoman, producer of Latin Beauty Pageants in California along with being the manager of a well-known Latina singer brings to Lover Lips Yachts the added glamour, attention to details and the creation of an unique experience which is second to none in La Paz.
Señora Martinez is local to La Paz and the surrounding areas. Her parents were one of the first settlers to La Paz.
It has always been her dream to give back to her country and culture.

Fabiola M. Alonso


Senior Captain

He has over 37 years of experience.
Born and raised here, Andres knows the Sea of Cortez very well. He has been Captain for both Mega Yachts and mid sized boats in Mexico and California.
All our captains are vetted and pre-screened. They are personally chosen for your comfort and safety.
We are proud of our local professional skippers who have lived and played in the waters of the Sea of Cortez.
This is their land. This is their sea and they feel responsible for keeping the ecology and sea in harmony.

Andres Dominguez


Sales and Social Media Director

Her local experience in sales and social media is outstanding.
While a teenager, Faby had a very successful career as a Latina singer star in both California and Mexico. Her concerts always drew crowds of thousands. She paused her singing career when she became a mother to focus on her children.
She now joins Lover Lips Yachts and brings a youthful, vibrant energy to the company.

Fabiola Denisse Perez Martinez



After a successful career as a CEO of multi-million dollar companies and entrepreneur in startups that became publicly traded, Senior Lester retired to La Paz and decided to lend his talents to Lover Lips Yachts. He has a passion for water and boats. Having recently survived, liver cancer, open heart surgery and a liver transplant; he lives and enjoys life for today!

Lester Keizer

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