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Sunseeker 50 11
DJI 0125
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Lover Lips Yachts presents our Top Yacht Charters La Paz-Luxury Yacht Rentals.

A great comfortable and luxurious way to cruise on the Sea of Cortez with stops at Balandra Beach, Isla Espíritu Santo and other secluded coves and anchorages in the Sea of Cortez!

The superbly equipped Sunseeker Camargue 50 is a first-class sports cruiser.

It has a large cockpit which provides seating for eight around a foldaway table. There’s also a wetbar, a large swim platform, a swim shower and a large sun lounger.

Inside, the welcoming ambiance of the interior embraces a large open-plan saloon featuring comfortable seating and a folding dining table.

A large galley area, as well as an entertainment console and drinks cupboard, will further enhance enjoyment.

Accommodation includes a large en suite master stateroom forward, while a second en suite cabin provides two more berths.

The saloon also easily converts to an additional double berth. With shaft-drives for directional stability and economical performance.

The Camargue 50 has an impressive top speed and cruising range.

Lover Lips Yachts is proud of its 5 Star Reviews and know you will enjoy our world class service


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