Romantic Cruises

The sun slowly sinks to sleep as it rests its golden head in her watery bed. 

You and your companion watch, lost in the rhythmic percussion of waves on our Lover Lips yacht.

Both of your eyes are steady to the horizon, faces aglow with the last orange rays before twilight.

The famous La Paz sunset, some of the best in the world they say.

She dances with all its glory; dancing a light fantasy without the first note from an orchestra.

You both are frozen in the heat of this momentous memory!

 In silence you both romantically reminisce of your love as you sip wine on board the Lover Lips yacht.

Our romantic cruises are full of possibilities. Snacking on complementary snacks, eating a delicious dinner and debating whether to sample the famous Mexican margaritas or icy Coronas with a touch of lime.

Our cruise departs from the marina and takes you along the pristine La Paz coastline at the magic hour. 

Memories pressed between the pages of your minds.


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