Panga 30,Classic- La Paz Yacht Charters

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One of top 5 things to do when in La Paz Mx. Experience The Sea of Cortez the local way They are nimble. Tough little sea-workhorses. Against the canvas of the Sea of Cortez, The aquarium of the world, these beautiful boats play their  craft.   Welcome to the water world of the Pangas. A unique local Mexican skiff with a raised bow. The pangas of La Paz in the 500 year old capital city of Baja California Sur. On any given day, you will see a fleet of Panga’s, adorning our working waterfront, the Malicon. Like fall leaves in a blue pond, you can see the boats scattered over the harbor. Panga boats bobbing on the wavelets, turning a little here, cruising a little there, in a chaotic cheerful dance towards Mexico’s and one of the world’s most beautiful beach..Balandra Beach. “As a little girl growing up in the area, my first experience in the Sea of Cortez was riding a panga with my dad,” says Fabiola Alonso, owner and founder of Lover Lips Yachts. We are excited to provide a panga for rent, built by one of the last Master boat builders in BCA, Victor Abaroa.  While it may be a little strange for a Luxury Yacht company to feature a simple boat like this, I believe the ubiquitous panga rentals  found in La Paz paved the way for yacht charters, a staple for the tourism industry today. Most importantly it is a unique part of our culture that needs to be preserved and promoted.” This is inexpensive and inspiring way to tour the secluded beach’s and islands of La Paz on the mighty panga.
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