La Paz Yacht Charters – Pet Friendly

La Paz Luxury yacht rentals announced today the addition of pet-friendly cruises to its boat rentals.


Top La Paz boat rental company, Lover Lips Yachts, (LLY) will now take pets on board its luxury yacht with their owners.

All pet lovers are encouraged to bring on board their pets when on family vacations or when visiting La Paz, Mx. This is a must do when on the Sea of Cortez.

“As a dog and pet lover, I am excited to announce this new service to our La Paz,  Luxury Yacht Portfolio,” says Lester Keizer CEO of Lover Lips Yachts (LLY).  Furry animals are always a part of our family. Dogs love to be out in the open sea, smelling the fresh salt water and riding the waves! Like humans, I think it gives them a sense of freedom.”

As a leading provider of boat rentals in La Paz, MX., LLY has always been “family friendly”. With groups no larger than 8 passengers, our mid-size Luxury Yacht is conducive to family trips. A core value of the company is to provide memorable inspiring excursions.  The ability to accommodate pets, will enhance this experience.

“I am so happy to provide a pet friendly cruise service to our growing Luxury Yacht business,” says Fabiola Martinez Alonso, founder and owner of Lover Lips Yachts. ” I have a pet myself and consider  our Yorkie, Maxima part of our family. We take her everywhere we go. She loves the open water. She enjoys putting her nose up in the air and taking in the experience of being on a boat. Her tail wags furiously when she gets to ride on the yacht!”

Lover Lips Yachts mission is to create an affordable inspiring customized La Paz yacht cruise experience originating from the splendor of the Sea of Cortez and the friendliness of its people.

We believe it all starts with  respecting and giving back to the sea and the people.

Lester Keizer says, “we would like to invite all our customers to bring their pets with them and take part of our memorable pet friendly cruise. We even have life jackets for small and medium sized dogs.

Lover Lips Yachts. We don’t just rent yachts out, we deliver smiles and joy.




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