La Paz Yacht Charters adds 3 Catamarans to fleet.

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35 Foot Cat
Perfect for couples

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**Lover Lips Yachts Expands Fleet with Three New Catamarans for Unparalleled Cruising Experience**

[La Paz, March 11,2024] – Lover Lips Yachts, a premier provider of luxury yacht cruises and the Home of The Most Affordable Luxury Yacht with 5 Star Reviews, is thrilled to announce the addition of three new catamarans to its fleet. We offer this exceptional offerings for travelers seeking unforgettable experiences on the water. The new catamarans, including a 35-foot, 38-foot, and 45-foot models. It  provides guests with enhanced comfort, stability, and versatility during their cruises.

Benefits of Catamarans.

Catamarans offer distinct advantages over traditional motor yachts, making them the ideal choice for discerning travelers seeking a superior cruising experience. With their dual-hull design, catamarans provide increased stability.  This  ensures  a smoother ride even in choppy waters. This stability translates to reduced seasickness.  It provides a more comfortable journey for all passengers, including those prone to motion sickness.

In addition to stability, catamarans offer ample space and privacy.  Catamarans have multiple deck areas for lounging, dining, and enjoying panoramic views of the stunning surroundings. The wide beam of catamarans allows for spacious cabins and common areas.  This  provides guests with plenty of room to relax and unwind during their cruise.

CEO, Fabiola Martinez Alonso. A Mexican woman owned Company

Fabiola Martinez Alonso
Providing Perfection to our Cruises

“We are thrilled to introduce these new catamarans to our fleet, further enhancing the luxury and comfort of our cruising experiences,” said Fabiola Martinez Alonso, CEO of Lover Lips Yachts. “Catamarans offer a unique blend of stability, space, and performance.  This makes  them the perfect choice for exploring the beautiful waters of Balandra Beach and Isla Espiritu Santo in La Paz, Mexico.”

Balandra Beach and Isla Espiritu Santo are renowned for their pristine beauty, crystal-clear waters, and abundant marine life, making them idyllic destinations for yacht cruises. With the addition of the new catamarans, Lover Lips Yachts will offer guests unparalleled access to these breathtaking locales.  Thus allowing them to explore secluded coves, snorkel among vibrant coral reefs, and relax on pristine beaches.

38 Foot Cat
Perfect for families

For travelers seeking a truly unforgettable cruising experience, Lover Lips Yachts invites you to embark on a journey aboard one of our new catamarans. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion, planning a romantic getaway, or simply craving adventure on the open water, our experienced crew and luxurious vessels are ready to exceed your expectations.

45 Foot Cat
Comfortable and Spacious

To book your catamaran cruise or learn more about Lover Lips Yachts, please visit []( or contact us via [WhatsApp](

**About Lover Lips Yachts:**
Lover Lips Yachts is a leading provider of luxury yacht cruises. We offer unparalleled experiences for travelers seeking adventure, relaxation, and romance on the water. Based in La Paz, Mexico, Lover Lips Yachts specializes in personalized cruises to Balandra Beach, Isla Espiritu Santo, and other stunning destinations in the Sea of Cortez. With a fleet of meticulously maintained vessels and a dedicated team of experienced professionals, Lover Lips Yachts is committed to delivering exceptional service.  Our goal is to provide unforgettable memories for every guest. We have over 35 yachts in our fleet for all your needs and budget. Lover Lips Yachts has  the most 5 Star Reviews of any Yacht Charter La Paz company.

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