La Paz Yacht Charter Company adds Fishing Boat to its Fleet

City of La Paz

A leading La Paz Yacht Charter company Lover Lips Yachts (LLY), announces that it will add a fishing boat to its fleet in April.

“We believe the yacht charter business in La Paz will benefit greatly by the addition of a fishing boat, says Fabiola Martinez Alonso, Owner of Lover Lips Yachts.  “We believe our attention to customer service and the extra touch personal touch will make us one of the go to places to rent a fishing boat. As a Mexican owned company, we believe this addition will also help the local economy and employment growth.”

“Joe Miller, will be heading up this new business,” says Lester Keizer, operations director of  LLY. “He has had years of experience in fishing the Sea of Cortez.  As a young boy he would come to La Paz frequently with his Dad who sold Yachts to La Paz.  His love for the local scene, culture and its people has made La Paz his second home.”

To learn more about fishing in La Paz. The following guide should be helpful:

Welcome on board!

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