A life saved-One cruise at a time

Lover Lips Yachts a leading La Paz Yacht Charter company and   Joe Miller are honored to make a donation to Pro Paramedicos.


  Pro Paramedicos is a not-for-profit group that has a one-of-a-kind life-saving project. In Baja California Sur, if a local town’s ambulance breaks down, Ambulancia Comunitaria will at no cost send a loaner ambulance. It will be available to the community till the town’s ambulance is repaired.


Imagine you need an ambulance, but the only one in town is broken down.


Your mother has a stroke. You need an ambulance, but the only one in town is broken down.

Your baby son is deathly ill. You need an ambulance, but the only one in town is broken down.

Your pregnant wife is bleeding. You need an ambulance, but the only one in town is broken down.


A few weeks ago the only ambulance in my wife’s hometown of Constitution Mexico, blew an engine.

Amulancia Comunitaria, rushed their refurbished ambulance, paid for by donations to this community at no cost to the city.

Many lives were saved during the two months it took to rebuild the engine.

We are now raising funds for another used ambulance that we can buy.


“ My mother, and most of my family lives in Constitution”, says Fabiola Martinez Alonso, owner and founder of Lover Lips Yachts.   “I just can’t imagine what I would do if one of them needed an ambulance but could not get one. I had just started my company, Lover Lips Yachts, but wanted to support the Pro Paramedicios life saving mission immediately. When Joe Miller told me about the needs, Lover Lips Yachts contributed to this worthy cause.”


“One of our main goals in starting up Lover Lips Yachts was to give back  to local communities,” Lester Keizer, Operations Director of Lover Lips states. “We have been so surprised by our incredible growth in just a few short weeks that we wanted to give back immediately. “  


“When I saw the tears start freely flowing from Fabiola’s eyes, I knew right then and  there that making this contribution was the right thing to do,” says Joe Miller, local sailor and part time soon to be full time La Paz resident from Reno Nevada. “ I personally knew the heartache she felt these past months from her personal family experiences. I did not want to see any more tears from Fabiola or any other tears from citizens of Baja California Sur, because of a lack of a universal need like having an ambulance ready 24/7!

If you would like to help us in this charity, please click below. 100 percent of your donation will go to Pro Paramedicios.  



Colony La Passion-A day of Gratitude

This past Thanksgiving, we packed 80 boxes of groceries and gave it out to single mothers with children and disabled adults at the Colony called La Passion. As we handed out the groceries we said,”this is not from the church or the government. We are just families helping families.” A labor of love from Lover Lips Yachts!

Operation High Wheels-Wheelchairs Donated

Many of you know I love my bride very much and have come to love her country of Mexico.

 I asked her what she wanted for her birthday…maybe high heels? (She is fond of her shoes). She said, “ no, just help some one in my city.”


We raised money to fund 50 wheelchairs

Oh by the way, how did I come up with the name for this project? My wife, in the process of learning English, referred to her high heels as high wheels!

Thanksgiving at Mexico's only Children's AIDS Orphanage.

This nondescript building sits across the street from a small garbage dump in Tijuana’s slums. To some, the residents here were considered part of the trash heap of humanity- disenfranchised, disabled, discriminated and discarded to die. Man, women, old, young, gay, lesbian, transgender and yes even babies. All are HIV infected. Just a few years ago over 600 human beings came here to die across the street from the city dump. Today they come to this shelter in the shadow of a garbage pit to live

Our journey this Thanksgiving day was into the dark world of those who are suffering from life on the streets of Tijuana, Mexico (1 out of 3 in the shelter have been deported from the U.S. ). It is a realistic narrative of those who are living with the terror of untreated HIV/AIDS and those who have nowhere to turn and to catch them when they fall. It is also an incredible journey into the innocent lives as we saw the promise of hope for 14 children ranging from 7 months old.
Our donations of food, clothing and childrens toys is a gift of love.
This incredible Thanksgiving story is not about tears but laughter, it’s not about pain but serenity, it’s not about poverty but richness, it’s not about addiction but love, it’s not about death but life…the life that we held as we cradled a tiny child in our arms today.
(permission was granted by residents to have their pictures taken for posting)

Lover Lips Yachts Supports Baja Dogs Sterilization

 Lover Lips Yachts’ Generous Donation Supports Baja Dogs Sterilization with an Exclusive Cruise to Balandra Beach!

In a heartfelt demonstration of generosity, Lover Lips Yachts, the leading yacht rental company in La Paz, Mexico, reaffirms its commitment to community welfare.

 This year, Lover Lips Yachts has chosen to stand behind Baja Dogs Sterilization, an essential organization dedicated to enhancing the lives of stray dogs in the area.

Founded in 2010, Baja Dogs Sterilization has been tirelessly working to combat the overpopulation of stray dogs in La Paz and its environs through spaying and neutering programs. 

Their low-cost, accessible sterilization services aim to alleviate the suffering of countless animals and foster responsible pet ownership.

La Paz is home to over 50,000 stray dogs, and Baja Dogs has sterilized over 4,000 pets to date! For just $30 USD, one pet can be sterilized, making a significant impact on the local animal population.

The initiative taken by Lover Lips Yachts to donate an exclusive 8-hour cruise to Balandra Beach serves not only as an act of goodwill but also as a platform for raising funds and awareness for Baja Dogs Sterilization. 

This cruise, known for its breathtaking scenery and relaxation opportunities, will be auctioned off, with all proceeds directed towards supporting the crucial work of the organization.

Lover Lips Yachts, celebrated for its dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction, has long been an integral part of the La Paz community. 

With a fleet of over 35 yachts and boats, the company offers options to suit every budget and preference, ensuring that luxury yacht experiences are accessible to all.

Fabiola Keizer, the owner of Lover Lips Yachts, expressed her excitement at the opportunity to support Baja Dogs Sterilization, saying, “As a Mexican Woman-Owned Company Making Waves, we take immense pride in giving back to our community and creating a positive impact. We are honored to support Baja Dogs Sterilization and its vital mission.”

This donation exemplifies Lover Lips Yachts’ ongoing commitment to corporate social responsibility and community engagement. Through initiatives like these, the company aims to enhance the quality of life in La Paz for both residents and animals alike.

As the most affordable yacht company with the highest number of five-star reviews in La Paz, Lover Lips Yachts continues to lead the industry while championing causes close to the hearts of the local community. 

Their dedication to giving back serves as an inspiration to both businesses and individuals, proving that even small gestures can make a significant difference in the world.

To support Baja Dogs Sterilization, please visit their website: [Baja Dogs Sterilizations](https://www.bajadogssterilizations.org)

For more information on Lover Lips Yachts’ other charitable sponsorships, click below: [Lover Lips Yachts – How We Give](https://loverlipsyachts.com/how-we-give/)

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