He Found His Love and She Found Her Ring on Yacht Rentals La Paz

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Lost Ring Found
Andreas Engagement Ring Found



The Love Journey Begins

If it is true that all the world loves a love story, then this Lover Lips Yachts story is worthy of being told!

Like any good story it begins with once upon a time, amidst the azure waters of the Sea of Cortez in Baja California Sur, Andrea and Jose embarks on a cruise destined to redefine their love story.

Their tale traces back to Emory University in Atlanta, where Jose, a senior from Ecuador, and Andrea, a freshman from Honduras, meet in a calculus class. Despite Andrea’s struggles with numbers, Jose eagerly becomes her personal tutor, and soon, their hearts beat in sync, forming an equation of love in the third degree.

The Journey Continues on Lover Lips Yachts

Fast forward three years.

Jose, with a clandestine plan, charters a yacht for a romantic escapade.

Lover Lips Yachts is the chosen vessel, its name a harbinger of his mission to sweep Andrea off her feet.

As they sail the tranquil waters of the Sea of Cortez, Andrea marvels at the ocean’s beauty, unaware of the impending surprise.

Beneath a golden horizon, Jose drops to one knee, eliciting disbelief from Andrea.

Time halts as he professes his eternal love amidst the sea’s splendor.

With a single word, “yes,” their fates intertwine beneath the crimson sky, sealing their love near the enchanting Balandra Beach, voted one of the top 5 most beautiful beaches in the world.

Most Beautiful Beach
Top 5 Most Beautiful Beach in The World

And So The Journey Continues

But their journey holds more surprises.

A year later, following their wedding, they charter another yacht from Lover Lips Yachts, this time with family in tow.

Once again, they sail on their sea of love.

Amidst joyous celebrations, a terrible twist unfolds.

While getting ready to jump in the water, Jose’s precious engagement ring on Andrea’s finger decides to take plunge of its own!

The ring vanishes into the depth below and quickly casts a shadow over their newlywed bliss.

Andrea bursts into tears. Her memorable memento of love is lost.

But remember, this is a love story. And hope always springs eternal in love’s good times and bad times.

Lover Lip’s captain without hesitation, dives.

Not once.

Not twice but three times with unwavering determination to find this shiny symbol of love.

On the final try, he free dives down to about 35 feet.

A modern-day love pirate in search of love’s treasure.

The captain emerges victorious, cradling the symbol of their love in his outstretched hand.

Against all odds, the ring is found!

The crew and the family cheer with cries of gratitude.

In that moment, Andrea and Jose tells me, they come to the realization that their love would last forever like the boundless ocean, even in the storms of life that they would surely face.  

The Journey Never Ends

As the sun bids adieu, they stand in quiet contemplation, acknowledging the symbolism of their enduring love. With stars as their witness, they sail into the La Paz harbor, bonded and in bliss.

And like any love story, the endings of happily ever after is possible…

Possible for you and me.

For with the guidance of Loves Eternal Flame to chart our course, we will always be ready to embrace every adventure and storm on our sea of life!

Thus ends this true Lover Lips Yachts Love Story.

A Love Story on Lover Lips Yachts
Popping the question in Paradise


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