Family Cruises in Mexico

In your dream the sky is blue, the waters azure, the birds sing.  We help design dreams. An inspiring creation to give you a lifetime of memories

When you have a choice between pause and play, press play!

Have fun with a private personalized pleasure of a Lover Lips cruise.

This is not just a family cruises in Mexico. This is about a magical memory. You design it with us. Whatever kind of cruise you can dream of.

Create a whale of an adventure. See the Blue Whales, the largest living creatures on earth. 30 tons of living blubber for you to blather and boast. 50 feet of flesh for you to gawk and gossip for a Facebook picture! Fishing by day? 

Want to yank in a Yellowfin Tuna? 

Muster a monster Marlin? 

Your dream is your reality here in the fishing waters of La Paz.

So create for yourself a great experience to sustain you through the storms when you get back home. 

Memorialize some memories. 

Something simple as sunbathing.

Fantastic as fishing. 

Surprising as snorkeling.  


  • It’s your choice.
  •  It’s your happiness. 
  • It’s your life.  

A customized Lover Lips Cruise.

Personalize some of the best pages of your life. 

Do it now! Whatever you can dream of.


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