Educational Cruises

This is about our world! Our seas! She is beauty; she is wonder. She is inspiring by design. So we learn and are responsible.

You sit on the edge of your plastic chair. This is not just an educational cruise experience.


This is about our world! 

Our seas! She is beauty; she is wonder, she is heaven by divine design. She is ecology; she is genetics, lifeforms evolve and entertains. In this wide universe, there can be no finer body of water then the Sea of Cortez. The world’s aquarium according to Jacques Coustea.

You will experience this up close and personal on the Lover Lips Yachts La Paz!

Our experienced biologist, climatologist and local historian will share interesting insights based on subject chosen, during dinner at a Mexican restaurant, the night before the cruise.

Chose from the following:

  • Marine Biology Oceanography . Learn about the fascinating life underneath the Sea of Cortez and above. 
  • Whale Experience. Once in a Life Time bucket list inspiring memories.  (during the Whale Season)
  • Culture and History of La Paz. The story of the indigenous people and Cortez conquests will thrill you.  
  • Pearl-Why did the Queen of England visit La Paz? What is the back story of John Steinbeck’s famous book, “The Pearl.”
  • Climate and Ecology of the Sea of Cortez . Totoba, Dolphins, Seals, Turtles- Endangered Spices
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