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Guests visit beautiful isolated locations experienced by only the fortunate few from Yacht Charters La Paz.  LOVER LIPS YACHTS, provides ALL INCLUSIVE cruising to remote coves and beaches on the inside Sea of Cortez. This is the area famously known as the World’s Aquarium. According to Nature.Org, the inside Sea of Cortez is the second most biologically diverse marine environment on the planet. An intimate cruise features snorkeling with an array of tropical fish over shallow tropical reefs, swimming with sea lions, or whale sharks in season, strolling remote beaches, exploring,  kayaking, scuba, etc.

LOVER LIPS YACHTS, provides quality chef-prepared meals on board with an open bar, served by a skilled and educated crew. A marine biologist is typically your hostess and snorkel leader. Everything is included: snorkel gear, wet suits, and kayaks  along with a snorkel boat for getting up close to sea life in its natural environment. Reef-friendly sunscreen, bottled water, beer, sodas, and a variety of snacks are all provided, along with private bathrooms, fresh towels, and private showers. Join us, for the Experience of a Lifetime.

  • Triple-Deck Cruising Yacht – 96 feet
  • Captain, engineer, hostess, chef, additional crew as needed
  • Snorkel-dive boat included with captain and guide
  • Wi-Fi available via Starlink
  • Licensed for 50 daytime guests
  • Sleeps 8, or more, in 4 guest sleeping salons
  • Master Salon, VIP Salon, Double bunk cabin, Triple bunk cabin
  • Additional sleeping arrangements available
  • Four complete bathrooms with showers
  • Chef prepared meals
  • An array of beverages
  • Open bar
  • Comfortable indoor and outdoor seating and lay-out areas
  • Air conditioning
  • Full galley-kitchen
  • Full array of safety equipment
  • Kayaks
  • Wetsuits in various sizes
  • Snorkel gear
  • Portable seats, layout cushions, outdoor pillows
  • Three freezers
  • Three electrical generators
  • Beach awning, chairs, ice chests, etc.
  • Swim steps and stainless ladder for easy access to water
  • Water maker, ice, purified water
  • Beach towels
  • Crew sleeping quarters and toilet area
Baja Pacifica 7
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